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Hampshire Dermatology now offers EMSCULPT®

EMSCULPT is the only FDA approved procedure to build muscle and reduce fat

in women and men.


The Hampshire Dermatology Difference

Do you struggle with reducing that layer of fat covering your abs despite good diet and exercise habits?  Or maybe, no matter how many squats or hours of cardio you do, you just can’t get the ideal lifted and toned buttocks you desire? Difficult to treat areas are hard to target.  EMSCULPT is a new procedure that builds muscle and reduces fat. 

Hampshire Dermatology is excited to offer EMSCULPT – the only dual-action muscle building and fat reduction treatment.  As the only practice in the region to offer this non-invasive muscle building procedure, Hampshire Dermatology offers a unique opportunity to the community.  All EMSCULPT consultations, evaluations and treatments are supervised directly by Dr. White.  We welcome you to experience this innovative treatment in a beautiful, professional setting under the care of a physician you know and trust. 


Tone and Strengthen

EMSCULPT is an exciting new fat reduction device that uses electromagnetic energy to tone the abs and lift the buttocks.  This non-invasive, FDA approved treatment builds muscle strength and definition by stimulating muscle contractions at a level not attainable by exercise alone.  This is called “supramaximal contraction”.  After treatment, patients may feel slightly sore, as if from an intense workout.  Many patients report feeling energized after treatment.  There are no restrictions to your activity post treatment. 


Exceptional Results

The treatment protocol calls for four 30-minute treatments over two weeks.  Patients appreciate: 

  • Non-invasive, non-surgical treatment 
  • No anesthesia 
  • No downtime 
  • Excellent safety profile 
  • 16% increase in muscle mass 
  • 19% reduction in subcutaneous abdominal fat, sustained at six months 
  • Lifted and firm buttocks 
  • Quick, sustained results 
  • FDA approval of additional treatment areas (arms, calves, thighs) starting in the fall of 2019 

Patients start seeing positive results and feeling improvements in core strength and contours after a few treatments.  Results improve in the weeks following.  Those seeking additional improvement and definition may schedule additional treatments.  Many decide to treat another area!  Dr. White will work with you to create a treatment plan that helps you achieve your goals. 

Your EMSCULPT® Questions Answered

Does EMSCULPT cause weight loss?

EMSCULPT is not a weight loss procedure. It is a magnetic energy field treatment that builds muscle to lift the buttocks, and builds muscle and reduces fat at the abs to create definition.

Who is a good candidate for EMSCULPT?

An ideal candidate for EMSCULPT is a woman or man who is looking to build muscle and reduce fat in areas that are resistant to diet and exercise alone. Ideal candidates are at or close to their ideal body weight and are active exercisers. EMSCULPT is a great choice for those looking to fast-forward their training results. In addition, we find that patients really appreciate the increased strength and stability of their toned muscles.

How does EMSCULPT differ from CoolSculpting?

EMSCULPT uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate “supramaximal” skeletal muscle contractions. This builds muscle in the buttocks, lifting and shaping the contour. Treatment at the abs builds muscle and simultaneously reduces subcutaneous fat. By contrast CoolSculpting uses cold to selectively injure fat cells in one treatment area. Learn more about CoolSculpting HERE. CoolSculpting and EMSCULPT are two different body sculpting procedures. Hampshire Dermatology is the only practice in Western Massachusetts to offer both. A consultation with Dr. White, board-certified in Dermatology and with years of body sculpting experience, will clarify which treatment or combination of treatments is best for you based on your individual goals.

Who is not a good candidate for EMSCULPT?

EMSCULPT is not an appropriate choice during pregnancy. It can, however, be a great way to tone the abs and reduce diastasis recti (lower abdominal muscle split) by 11% post pregnancy! Patients with an implanted electronic device, such as a pacemaker, or an artificial joint in the treatment zone, are not candidates for EMSCULPT.

Good outcomes depend on a good evaluation and treatment plan and realistic expectations. Dr. White will consult with you to determine if EMSCULPT is the right choice for you.

How are the treatments scheduled?

The treatment protocol calls for four half-hour treatments, spaced over two weeks. Just as you wouldn’t work out in the same area two days in a row without recovery, we space your treatments several days apart.

There are no restrictions after treatment. Patients return to their regular activities immediately. Mild soreness can be expected, yet most patients tell us they feel good, as if they’ve had a good workout.

How much does EMSCULPT cost?

This frequently asked question can’t really be answered in the abstract. Because every body is different, costs depend on a thorough evaluation and treatment-planning consultation. Contact us to schedule your consultation so we can plan the best treatment for you given your individual goals.

Are You Ready?

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